Spirits are shifting quicker than ever and with new products being launched almost on a weekly basis it is difficult to know what is right to stock and what is on trend.

At this year’s Future Trends: Spirits event, The Morning Advertiser will reveal what’s been selling best over the past 12 months, what could be hot to stock in the future and how best to sell it.

Join us on Wednesday 4 October at Oval Space, London to find out where in the world we are likely to get our inspiration from in the future, how to work with producers to create your own drinks and which parts of the world are getting a taste for UK spirits. For the first time this year we will also look at marketing and how that impacts sales.

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9.15am Registration

9.45am Welcome

Nicholas Robinson, Food and drink editor, The Morning Advertiser

9.50am Stats: CGA on latest sales figures


Graeme Loudon, Commercial Director, CGA Strategy

CGA Strategy gives an overview of the spirit category’s performance, breaking down each segment to show where the growth and falls are.


10.10am Where next for gin?

In this session, we will be delving into the world of gin, giving insight and data to determine ‘where next’ for the spirit that is on everyone’s lips.

10.30am Vodka’s rebirth: regaining interest in vodka

In this session, three experts within the vodka category outline how vodka is undergoing an image change and is reigniting consumer interest.

1. Vodka trends for the future (Matthew Coles, Cardinal)

2. Sipping vodka (Matt and Steph Brown, Wild Knight Vodka)

3. How do we talk about vodka? (Jane Peyton, Founder, School of Booze)

11.10am Break

11.25am Where next for Whiskey?

Whiskies are becoming more popular amongst the younger generations, helped by Bourbon producers launching more ‘accessible’ brands. In this session, Joel Harrison will delve into the category and talk about its future.

11.45am The World’s 50 Best Bars: Trends from the top

Experts from top cocktail bars overseas talk international trends, pre-batch cocktails and the rise of mescal. Hear from three experts at the top of their game.


Chaired by: William Drew, Group Editor, The World’s 50 Best Bars
Three bartenders from the World’s 50 Best Bars break down some of the biggest trends in cocktail bars around the world.



1. Zoe Burgess of The Drinks Factory in London on pre-made cocktails

2. Jose Luis Leon, Licoreria Limatour

3. Mimi Lorandova, 28 HongKong Street and Proof & Company in Singapore on rising trends in and from Asia

12.25pm Is rum the next gin?

Ian Burrel

Ian Burrell, The Rum Ambassador

Rum has long been hailed as the next spirit to rise as fast as gin did, but why? In this session, global rum expert Ian Burrell talks the merits of rum, its future and why more and more are falling in love with the drink.



12.45pm Futurology of mixology

How to separate fad from future in the world of cocktails. Ben Reed, Global Cocktail Ambassador, Cocktail Credentials, shares the secret to predicting possible futures and the implications to ensure that we’re all plotting and planning with the right practicalities in mind.

Ben Reed, Global cocktail ambassador, Cocktail Credentials

1.15pm Lunch

2.05pm – 3.25pm Interactive sessions

1. A Cocktail Showcase

Hosted by Diageo’s Matthew Guest

2. A brave new world

How trends emerge from the past and present. Ben Reed, Global cocktail ambassador, Cocktail Credentials, demonstrates how going back to the future can inform killer NPD opportunities. N.B. Served with drinks you’ve never tried before

3. Small distillers showcase their products

Seize the opportunity to try some perfect serves from our small distillers

NB: Delegates will be split into three groups and will rotate across the three interactive sessions

3.30pm Introduction to study tour

Before we head out into Shoreditch, we let some up-and-coming distillers serve up some of their perfect serves.

4.00pm Study tour

7.00pm Close